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Welcome to Experiencia Terrestre

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Experience Soulful Rest

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Who We Are

John and Sarah Bundy are the founders of Experiencia Terrestre, an Exclusive All-Inclusive Land-based “Cruise Like” Experience located between the beautiful beaches and serene mountains of western Puerto Rico. This retreat experience is designed as a sanctuary for soulful rest and rejuvenation, specifically catering to business owners, entrepreneurs, ministers, missionaries, and their families. The Bundys are dedicated to creating a community-focused environment where like-minded individuals can engage in spiritual rejuvenation and connect with others.

Experiencia Terrestre is a community not a destination, offering guests a peaceful escape from everyday hustle. John and Sarah have also initiated the "Gift of Stay" program within the community, which allows members to donate part or all of their allotted stay to families of pastors and missionaries who might not otherwise afford such a vacation. This program underscores the Bundys' commitment to generosity and service, reflecting their desire to give back to those dedicated to serving their communities.

Through Experiencia Terrestre, the Bundys' aspire to create more than just a vacation spot; they aim to foster a sense of unity and spiritual well-being, making it a significant investment in the community's spiritual health. They are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the retreat, ensuring that each guest's experience is both rejuvenating and spiritually uplifting.

Welcome to soulful rest. Welcome to Experiencia Crucero Terrestre!


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Welcome to Experiencia Terrestre!

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