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Experiencia Terrestre Questionnaire

Our goal is to ensure that every guest, whether seeking a spiritual retreat or a vacation, experiences a profound sense of renewal and refreshment during their stay at Experiencia Terrestre.

1. Is this your first trip to Puerto Rico?
2. Are you a morning person or do you prefer to sleep in?
3. Do you eat breakfast?
If yes, what type of food would you like for breakfast?
Any allergies or dietary restrictions?
4. What type of food do you like/prefer?
6. What type of beverages do you like?
Alcoholic beverages
7. What type of outdoor activities do you prefer? Choose the following that appeals to you.
- Adventurous/Exploring options:
- Peaceful suggestions:

In addition to providing a tranquil setting for rest and reflection, we offer a variety of spiritual and rejuvenating experiences for our guests:

  1. Mornings will commence with a complimentary coffee service accompanied by a brief prayer or reflection session.

  2. Evening devotional sessions featuring spiritual insights and desserts will be organized for interested members.

  3. Specialized experiences such as silent meals with guided meditation, detoxification rituals (both physical and spiritual), and creative sessions focused on developing clarity with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will be available upon request.

Thanks for registering. We look forward to seeing you!

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